What is Tera?

Get ready for the action-packed challenge of your life in TERA! Your adventures in this breathtaking universe will push the very boundaries of the genre. With its True Action Combat system, you need to aim and dodge to cast spells, land your attacks and avoid taking damage. Timing and tactics are key to victory in this game!

Make your mark on a stunningly beautiful world, entering into epic battles with your teammates, assuming the role of a raging Berserker, a vengeful Reaper or a benevolent Priest. Join your friends to take down BAMs – Big Ass Monsters – who are as bloodthirsty and powerful as they are massive. Explore countless multiplayer dungeons, huge battlegrounds, or delve into open world PvP with an array of 7 races and 13 classes to choose from.

Experience Epic Adventures!

Speed and Skill: Master the innovative true action combat system
Stunning Graphics: Explore the breathtaking world of Arborea with ReShade
Express Yourself: Choose from 7 races and 13 classes to create your character
Artisan and Conquerer: Triumph in exciting dungeons and optimise your gear
Honor and Glory: Show your skills in battlegrounds and fight in open world PvP

The World And It's Beauty

Created by Arun and Shara, the peaceful kingdom of Arborea is now under threat from dark forces. Only the bravest heroes will be able to push back the darkness. Venture out across the two giant continents, explore complex cave systems, illustrious cities, mysterious forests and other breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

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