The new User Market is the main trading area.
Sell items in your own shop without fees!

About User Markets

How do I add my own NPC?

• Open the User Market from Main Menu > Shop

• Add your own shop NPC in the slot above

• Add your Selling Skill in the slot below

How do I sell items?

• Find the UI showing your NPC and it's HP bar

• Click the Selling Skill icon below the HP bar

• Add items and price to sell into your NPC

How do I buy items?

• Interact with other user's own User Markets

Where can i set up my NPC?

• You need to be in the town of Stepstone Island

How long does the shop stay?

• If the HP bar reaches 0 the User Market despawns

How can i recover the HP?

• The HP recovers over time if it's not active

Where do I get my own NPC?

• You can get your NPC from the Etu Shop or as loot

Why should I use User Markets?

• There are no fees you have to pay unlike tradebroker

Market Area


• Stepstone Island




• Teleport Scroll

• Village Atlas

• Pegasus Rider




• Town in the south




• Ground mounts allowed

• Flying mounts allowed