Preview 2.0

Welcome to the Preview Patch Notes for our Update 2.0
You can find all adjustments, additions and implementations below. More to come.


Backend System

• Fixed multiple Launcher bugs
• New Launcher and general Web Design
• New Support, Help and Ticket Center
• New Web Shop, live linked to In Game Shop
• New Community Systems (Referrals, Twitch, Discord)
• New User Profile and 3rd-Party Authentication
• Rewrote existing retail tools and create custome ones
• Server <-> Client connections are now Argon2 secured
• New algorithm for charge skills which eliminate issues with ghosting
• New algorithm for calculating of position which significantly reduce desyncing

AI System

• Tool which recreates the core aspects of the game-client
• A sub-system which operates the AI to join parties
• Create an LFG and check your invites for an AI applying to join
• It's an AI created to join parties as a regular player
• Play dungeons with them so party making times are shorter

Charm System

• Implemented a new Charm system
• Added new "Logging Tree" gathering
• Added new "Historic" crafting menu
• Craft new "Campfire" and "Fire Wood"
• Craft new tools and "Charm Books"
• Get multiple "Charms" from specialized books
• Throw a Charm into a Campfire to activate
• Charms can stack and queue up
• Charms will be available from Tier I - V
• Named Charms combine all book effects
• First Charms will help in crafting, fishing, and more!

Twitch Drop System

• Implemented a new Twitch Drops system
• Link your Twitch account in your User Profile
• Drops are divided into seasons and types
• One Type is for watching an eligible stream
• One Type is for streaming your gameplay on our server
• One Type is for all combined watchtime of your viewers
• Earn valueable Items and Benefits for specific times!

Discord Boost System

• Implemented a new Discord Boost system
• Link your Discord account in your User Profile
• Boost our Discord server to get rewards
• Earn valueable rewards for continuous boosting
• The longer you keep up your Boost, the higher the rewards!

Referral System

• Check your User Profile for your invite link
• Invite your friends and refer our server
• New players using your link will be added to your list
• The playtime of your refs count to your Referral Experience
• The payout of Referral Experience will be done every hour
• Earn Referral Experience to increase your Level
• Earn Referral Credits for an Referral Exclusive Shop
• Level Up your Referral Tier, to unlock better perks
• Perks are an exclusive dungeon, items, and many more!



• Fixed the purple HP bar issue
• Fixed the flight gauge bar issue
• Fixed the Ride / Skill Advancement issue
• Fixed the Partner Adventure issue
• Fixed the Petrax Activation bar issue
• Fixed the Block / Counter / Evasion popup issues
• Added new Emotes for the ingame chat
• Added new Shield indicator on HP bars
• Added missing cosmetics to Dressing Room
• Updated items to be tradable from Dressing Room
• Client translated into German and Russian


• Reworked the achievements sections
• Updated the Dungeon achievements
• Updated the Battleground achievements
• Added new categories and achievements

Gear Adjustments

• You now start with Frostmetal gear and Daylight jewelry
• You also get some vyrsks on new characters
• Starting box can also be obtained from returning user reward or vanguard merchant
• Frostmetal enchanting costs updated
• Stormcry enchanting costs updated
• Heroic Oath can now be enchanted up to +12
• Radiant jewerly can now be infused
• Removed ability to add infusions to weapon and chest
• Added ability to add infusions to relics and halidoms

Heavily customized Manaya's Core Hard Mode

• Designed to be a significant challenge even for the most hardened veterans
• Drops infusion kits for Radiant Jewelry upgrade

Referral Dungeon

• Azart Hatchery

3-Man Dungeons

• Channelworks (LOW)
• Ravenous Gorge (MID)
• Kezzel's Gorge (HIGH, limited daily entries)

10-Man Raid Dungeons

• Akeron's Inferno Normal Mode (LOW)
• Akeron's Inferno Hard Mode (MID)

LOW ilvl 440 (Frostmetal +0, VG 400) Dungeons

• Red Refuge Normal Mode
• Draakon Arena Normal Mode
• Demon Wheel
• Forsaken Island Normal Mode
• Kalivan's Dreadnought Normal Mode

MID ilvl 450 (Stormcry +0, VG 445) Dungeons

• Broken Prison
• Manaya's Core Normal Mode
• Sky Cruiser Endeavor Normal Mode
• Grotto of Lost Souls Normal Mode
• Akalath Quarantine Normal Mode
• Red Refuge Hard Mode
• Kalivan Dreadnought Hard Mode
• Forsaken Island Hard Mode

HIGH ilvl 460 (Heroic Oath +0, VG 455) Dungeons

• Bahaar's Sanctum
• Forbidden Arena
• Ruinous Manor Hard Mode
• Antaroth's Abyss Hard Mode
• Akalath Quarantine Hard Mode
• Draakon Arena Hard Mode

TOP ilvl 465 (Heroic Oath +6, VG 457) Dungeons

• Bathysmal Rise Hard Mode
• Manaya's Core Hard Mode
• Sky Cruiser Endeavor Hard Mode
• Grotto of Lost Souls Hard Mode


• Expanded to include more dungeons
• Rewards have been improved massively
• Added unique effect items, pets and mounts

Vanguard Requests

• Removed daily limit
• Increased weekly reward to require 20 completions
• Only first 10 completions of the day count for weekly reward

Item Adjustments

• Extra Milestone Item XP can be dismantled into 2-hour 50% Item XP boosters
• Added items that grant Item XP. Obtained from various sources
• Health potions activate instantly
• Lowered cooldown of Lein's Dark Root Beer and related consumables from 60 to 55 seconds



• Assault Stance: 10% damage against monsters -> 5% damage against monsters
• Defensive Stance: 15% crit chance -> 18% crit chance
• Defensive Stance: Aggro gain 153% -> 200%
• Scythe: Cooldown reduced by 1 second


• Tank Stance: Fully frontal block on all abilities ( unless charging )
• Tank Stance: PvP damage taken increased by 200%
• Dps stance: Frontal block during unleash


• Shining Crescent: Damage increased by 10%


• Adrenaline Rush: Reduced cooldown from 110 to 90 seconds