Your Tera Europe Team

The project Tera Europe started in May 1st, 2022, when Valky and Nirc started the development of a private server for the MMO Tera Online.

Valky Fischer

Project Lead, Lead Architect
Software Engineer, System Architect, Fullstack Developer


Project Lead, Lead PvE Design
Software Engineer

In the same week, Kygas joined the team as our Lead PvP Designer and AntiCheat System Engineer, while Espirelda took the whip as our Test Coordinator at the end of May 2022.


Lead PvP Design
Software Engineer, AntiCheat Engineer


Community Manager
Author, Video Editing, Artist, Psychologist


Test Coordinator
Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist

While our project was growing, we also had to look for Discord Moderators, where we found Chuu and Nya who joined our team early June 2022, while Chino joined us mid of July the same year as our streamer on Twitch.


Discord Mod
Hardware Specialist


Discord Mod
IT Allrounder, Programmer


V-Tuber, Artist