Valkyria is our new central 4-in-1 hub.
Find new friends in the city where everything connects together!

About Valkyria

What is Valkyria?

• Valkyria is a new region available in Tera

How do I get to Valkyria?

• Press H and teleport with the Redeem button

What do I find there?

• You have all kind of NPC and teleportals

Where are Big City Portals?

• The portals are in North and South Valkyria

How do I enter a dungeon?

• Head to the south east and use a purple portal

How do I enter a raid?

• Go to the train and talk to the raid advisor

Valkyria City

North West:

• Merchants

• Banker & Broker


North East:

• Merchants

• Banker & Broker

• Cleric



• World Guide


South West:

• Merchants

• Banker & Broker


South East:

• Merchants

• Banker & Broker

• Instances